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With over 500 residences and less than 200 regular members we do our best to make ends meet. In 2022 alone the association spent $1400 on mulch, an additional, $650 on sprinkler repairs, $2200 on tree services and $5950 in mowing, blowing and landscape, $217 sign repairs among other expenses.  Therefore we humbly extend our tin-cup to all those who wish to further  support our cause and help keep Aiken Estates beautiful and a great place to live. Members please login to pay your annual membership dues.

Ways to Give

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In Person

Donations can be made in person at the home of  Evelyn Porreco, the treasurer, located at  1238 Evans Rd. or any monthly board meeting. The board meets every second Thursday monthly. Please check the public event calendar for planned locations. All are welcome.


Make a one time donation now online.

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