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2nd Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

On Saturday, December 16th, Aiken Estates celebrated its 2nd Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade, spreading festive cheer throughout the neighborhood. The parade kicked off in front of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

This delightful event featured approximately a dozen groups of riding participants, including creatively decorated golf carts and electric bikes decked out for the holiday season. The spirited procession meandered through the neighborhood, playing Christmas music, jingling bells, and creating a joyful spectacle.

In the spirit of fostering creativity and holiday spirit, organizers are considering introducing awards or recognition for the most elaborately decorated participant in future editions of the parade.

The festivities reached their culmination at the corner of Evans and Hitchcock, where participants and spectators gathered for Hot Chocolate, cookies, and the opportunity to capture memories with Santa Claus in photos.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to all who participated, with organizers expressing their hopes that the Christmas Golf Cart Parade will evolve into a cherished neighborhood tradition, growing more elaborate and engaging with each passing year.

While this year's event received positive feedback, some individuals expressed a desire to participate but found themselves torn between events, notably the Aiken Hoof Beats and Christmas Carols Parade. To accommodate more residents and ensure widespread participation, organizers have decided to shift next year's Christmas Golf Cart Parade to a Sunday afternoon. This scheduling adjustment aims to avoid conflicts with other community events and encourage even more enthusiastic involvement from the community.

As the Aiken Estates Christmas Golf Cart Parade looks forward to becoming a staple in the community, the organizers are excited about the potential for increased participation and festive creativity in the years to come.

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