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Fall Bi-Annual Yard Sale

The bi-annual fall yard sale is set for October 28th, running from 8 am to 1 pm, with an alternative rain date on November 4th. Currently, four of our neighbors have confirmed their participation. If you intend to sell items, please inform us. Additionally, kindly provide a brief list of the items you plan to sell, and we'll ensure they are included on the map. The deadline for map inclusion is noon on October 25th. We will be using the same signs from the spring sale, so all participating yards will feature garage sale signs bearing the "sponsored by GAENA" logo in their front yards.

A quick reminder for those residing in the city: a yard sale permit is required. You can purchase one for only $5.00 at Aiken Standard located at 326 Rutland Dr or at the City of Aiken Finance building at 111 Chesterfield St. Keep your receipt, as GAENA will reimburse you for this cost.

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